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If Zeolite is as effective as a Chelating Agent, why has it not been discovered before now?

Actually zeolite has been used for centuries in various forms; a specific instance was in China where 800 years ago it was regularly used by women wanting to 'cleanse; before falling pregnant. There is lots of anecdotal evidence like this but it was not till last century that zeolite took on real acclaim in industrial usages to more effectively assist us with a cleaner environment. Zeolite has been used in animal husbandry, agriculture, water purification and even Nuclear Waste Reprocessing with remarkable success. It has only been in the last few years however, that zeolite has been considered for medicinal, health and well-being purposes.

If Zeolite can remove harmful toxins from the body, can it carry away valuable vitamins and minerals also?

As yet there is no recognized scientific evidence to prove this. However taken in low to moderate dosage levels and complemented by a balanced diet with dietary vitamin and mineral supplements risks are thought to be negligible. Zeolite as a chelating agent has the ability to carry in beneficial ingredients whilst carrying away harmful others.

It is an important point to note however, that zeolite is actually a crystalline mineral itself, so it does not capture other minerals with the same negative charge, only the opposite positive (+) charge. Also, most minerals like calcium, magnesium etc, are way too large to fit inside the angstrom sized honeycomb cages of zeolite and therefore are not taken up by the zeolite.

Without actual recognised clinical and medical proof just yet, we believe that zeolite may extract harmful toxins from the body that impair the natural immune system

If I take ZeoZone what should I notice?

You should experience a better balance in pH levels throughout the body which will then allow your natural immune system to work harder and better for you. In the case whereZeoZone is prescribed or recommended by your Medical Practitioner as an adjunct or aid to treat a specific health care issue the chelating effects of ZeoZone combined with its ability to speed medications to designated parts of the body may have a noticeable effect in efficacy and symptom relief.

Given that we have all had relatively different exposures to varying levels of toxins from food and the environment, there is a wide variety of responses from people who take ZeoZone for reasons ranging from specific ailments to general beneficial health and well-being concerns.

You said that you micronized zeolite? Is ZeoZone made up of nano particles and if so, what benefits do they offer?

Yes we do micronise zeolite as we have observed that a smaller particle size has a greater absorption potential and a higher cation exchange potential. The zeolite becomes more efficacious in purpose and delivery of claims and promises.

  ZeoZone   is processed to have micron particles which allows us to expose vastly more of the angstrom sized, honeycomb shaped structures that zeolites are made up of. These particles are many times more effective, and pass out of the body in natural processes efficiently.

   ZeoZone is not made up of nano particles. After undergoing rigorous experimentation we feel that nano sized zeolite particles are too dangerous since there are too many unanswered long term questions. Search on Google for the increasing dangers of nano particles entering the body through cosmetics and medicine.

We are having excellent results with our micronised particles and this is now the major focuses of our research team.

Tell Me More About Other Uses For Zeolite

Zeolites in industry have wide and varied uses, perhaps the largest consumer of zeolites is the petrochemical industry as zeolite is used as a catalytic cracker. Zeolite catalysts save the petrochemical industry billions of dollars per year as well as dramatically reducing carbon dioxide emission etc. (A catalyst, is something that speeds up a reaction, usually without causing any apparent harm to the host substance).

Swimming pools are a huge consumer of zeolite filters to capture toxins such as ammonia within the pump's return cycle.

Agriculture use zeolite to increase food harvests by adding to the soil. The zeolite holds mineral nutrients and much of its own weight in water. This slow releases to botanical root systems when it is most needed as well as providing the cation exchange in release of fertilisers for the electrical stimulation of the roots.

Animal feeders use zeolite for numerous reasons including strengthening the skeletal system of racehorses.

NASA use zeolites for Hydroponically growing foods in space. This method named is Zeoponics and it massively out-performs soils in the confines of space. NASA also uses zeolites to protect delicate components from possible corrosive gasses that could cause a malfunction in space etc. A simple flow on from this technology is the unscented zeolite absorption bags for refrigerators, pet & mouldy areas etc.

EPA of America use zeolite to absorb emissions from the end of road tunnels to capture toxic carbon monoxides and benzenes etc. This acts as a catalyst to converting gasses back to oxygen more rapidly.

Nuclear waste industries use zeolites to contain spills and contaminated waste.

On a domestic level, zeolite is used as kitty litter as it is a super moisture and odour absorber hence the scented zeolite bags for smelly shoes and gym bags, pet and mouldy areas, or just to have a scented area up for up to six months.

Can I Use It To Help Clean My Drinking Water?

Yes. In many parts of Asia we they use our zeolite to filter their drinking water.
The recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlights the dangers of lead in our water tanks.

Rainwater users warned of lead risk

April 10, 2010

PEOPLE who drink from their rainwater tanks may be consuming unacceptable levels of lead, a study says.

Scientists from the University of Technology, Sydney, assessed the quality of water stored in household tanks around the city and found that five of the 11 tanks contained lead levels exceeding 0.01 milligrams a litre—the amount considered safe in drinking water by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Was Zeolite Used In The Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Disaster As A De-Contaminating Agent?

Yes! It was dumped via helicopter over the immediate area to absorb radiated pollutants then scooped up and transferred elsewhere for disposal.

Several hundred million tons of zeolite is used each year to allow detergents to wash our clothes more efficiently. Zeolite breaks down the surface tension of the water, to the effect that it makes the water wetter. Zeolite replaces the need to use tripolyphosphates in detergents.

Does ZeoZone reduce the cravings for tobacco intake?

There has been no recognised clinical trials conducted on these claims, yet some comments and questions from customers have been received concerning reduction of their cravings for tobacco. We wish them well on reduced cravings but cannot assist with actual clinical data. We can only comment on the chelating benefits ZeoZone may offer smokers in reducing possible toxin levels, especially when taken with recognised antioxidants and mineral supplements.

“I am a Naturopath, and I have been very interested in heavy metal elimination for many years now and have observed a mammoth increase in the amount of mercury and lead in the urine tests of patients over the last few years.”

Naturopaths from around the world are very interested and concerned about this question and many are now using ZeoZone to help clients with this issue.

How can I prove the effectiveness of ZeoZone to my patients?

According to recent tests, before and after stool sample are best indicators after a day or so of taking ZeoZone . Check for heavy metals including lead and mercury. Urine samples may not reveal to you real toxic levels within the body. A hair sample before and after taken at shaft level may help you with evidence. pH testing may also be helpful.

Why is it important to maintain proper pH balance?

Because bacteria, fungi, yeast, and viruses—as well as diseases such as cancer—thrive in an acidic environment. Acidic pH levels of 6.9 and below are conducive to disease. The optimum pH of your body should be slightly alkaline—between 7.35 and 7.45—which is the level that ZeoZone tends to establish.

Does your company ensure that ZeoZone is a pure product?

Yes the clinoptilolite zeolite comes from a pure source in Australia, and it also goes through a slow extensive and elaborate series of washing, cleansing, purifying and sterilizing to ensure that you receive the purest form with the highest heavy metal and toxin absorption ability. ZeoZone is produced to full GMPstandards in Government approved premises using the highest quality equipment. It is approved in Australia as 'non hazardous' and listed in the USA on the GRAS list (generally regarded as safe).

What is the difference between Clinoptilolite Zeolite and other Zeolites? How many zeolites are there?

There are 48 naturally occurring zeolites. There are also many forms of synthetic zeolites manufactured for different specific purposes in industry. Naturally formed Clinoptilolite however is now being researched as one of the best facilitators in the newer fields of medical advancements. Negatively charged, it has the ability to carry good ingredients into the body, and at the same time carry away harmful, other negatively charged, ingredients. It seems now that clinoptilolite has the highest cation exchange and therefore it has the highest functional ability for newly interested medical purposes and concerns.

Are there any drawbacks or side effects?

Not usually. There may be thirst. But if you do have underlying infections that have not been professionally addressed this may worsen as the chelating effect goes into action. An example might be tooth and gum conditions. Consult your Medical Practitioner if symptoms arise and cease your course of ZeoZone in the interim period.

Some positive side effects maybe increased head hair and nail growth. When the drop dosages are increased 30-60 drops per day over a 3 month period many have reported substantial head hair growth and the strongest nails they have ever had. Note, to sustain this dosage extra supplements and a very good diet needs to be maintained along with 3-4 litres per day of water. Some are taking it specifically for hair loss and achieving significant results if they do it in conjunction with other steps. (Note: You must still have hair roots usually these take 12 months to die, nothing grows after this so don't waste your money)

How long does ZeoZone remain in the body?

Only as long as the normal intake of food and digestion process takes. Then passes out naturally with waste products.

Should ZeoZone be taken with food or on an empty stomach?

We recommend that you take Zeolite on an empty stomach, 1-2 hours away from food, minerals, or prescription agents. However, it is best taken in an eight-ounce glass of water to help insure adequate hydration throughout the day. Remember to increase water intake during the day. It is best not to take in coffee, as coffee will dehydrate the body.

Can it help with Lyme Disease?

We notice that with Lyme disease, repeat orders just keep increasing. However, it would be illegal as well as irresponsible to make any claims do so on the basis of the results that have come in to date. This issue relates back to the immune systems. Again it comes back to the strength, purity and micronisation of this product.

Why is cleansing program important?

The average person is exposed to a high toxin load through water and air pollution, household cleaning supplies, pesticides, disinfectants, and food additives. According to the EPA, 70,000 chemicals are used commercially in the U.S.A., 65,000 of which are potentially hazardous to our health. The Environmental Defense Council reports that more than four billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment each year, including 72 million pounds of known carcinogens. These toxins are strongly correlated with the occurrence of a wide range of diseases, including cancers, birth defects, and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, autism, and dementia.

How does ZeoZone differ from classic chelators that may pull heavy metals and toxins out of the body?

Some Classic chelating agents are non-specific in terms of what they attract. For example, one commonly used chelator attracts anything that has a +2 charge. Thus, it takes lead out of the body but also eliminates calcium and magnesium, necessitating supplementation. The negatively charged zeolite cage attracts minerals and toxins that have a positive charge, but its attraction is also based on molecular structure and size as well as other factors. Therefore, it attracts and eliminates lead but not calcium or magnesium. Zeolite's effect on the body is milder than that of classic chelators. Zeolite removes toxins by placing the ions in the zeolite's molecular cage. It effectively inactivates the toxins' ions, preventing them from further reacting with the body as they are being expelled. (That reactivity is common with other chelators and is popularly called a detox syndrome or healing crisis.) The heavy metals and other toxins bound up by zeolite are unable to do any damage to the kidneys or bladder in the process of being eliminated. The only consequential reaction that zeolite is documented to cause is slight dehydration, which is easily prevented or remedied by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Finally, cleansing with zeolite is much less expensive than using classic chelating agents. Traditional chelation is done in a series of intravenous treatments.

How can Zeolite remove toxic metals such as lead and mercury but not healthy ones such as calcium and magnesium?

Zeolite's ability to attract and bind different substances is based on the size, shape, and electrical configuration of its molecular cages. Zeolite's greatest affinity is thought to be with heavy metals, especially mercury, cadmium, lead, and arsenic. Lighter metals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous have smaller ions, and so their affinity to zeolite's negative charge in order of magnitude is much less. Zeolite will leave minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and phosphorous at their very best performance levels within the body.

Does it remove toxins that are not positively charged?

No. Most heavy metals are positively charged, as are a number of other dangerous toxins. Further tests are being conducted, but world-wide concern is focused on heavy metals and other toxins that may have a positive charge in relation the negative charge of zeolite.

Since Zeolite removes foreign metal ions from the body, can it attack dental fillings, hip replacements, or breast implants?

The mechanism by which zeolite removes unwelcome pollutants from the body is entirely passive. There is no evidence (or reported cases that we know about) that causes zeolite to be a risk element in any medical procedure.

Can it help with infertility?

We do supply doctors that prefer to have their patients on zeolite for 6-12months before they want to conceive. This gives them a greater chance for nature to take its course if many of the toxins are expelled from the body and of course they increase the babies chances of been born healthy.

Does ZeoZone affect liver function?

Any reduction in pollutants would be helpful to liver functions. It is what chelation is all about.

Does ZeoZone need refrigeration after the bottle is opened?

In keeping the product as natural as possible it is best to keep in a refrigerator after opening, or at least to keep in a cool dry place preferably below 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Shelf life is 2 years from date of manufacture.

Is ZeoZone sold via MLM (Multi Level Marketing)?


Why is it sold only in glass?

Accelerated testing was done with the highest food grade hospital plastic containers. We were not surprised by the results. Zeolite is known for its amazing extraction and absorption qualities this is why NASA uses it. We found that it took less than 3 months for our Australian Zeolite to breakdown the lining on the inside of the best food grade plastic container. The last thing that you would want is to be filling up the honeycomb cages with toxins and then consuming these toxins all from your very own zeolite container. Again this testing was with pure Australian zeolite, micronised, this is why the manufacturer of ZeoZone Australia will only use glass. It is a powerful micronised zeolite.

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Possible signs that  ZeoZone may be working

Stool colour may change, also consistency, Also urinations will increase with recommended increase in water intake. Clearer thinking, better sleep, more energy, body stiffness decreasing, better hair and nail growth, depression levels decreasing.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Warning: If an allergic reaction occurs discontinue use. If you are allergic to any ingredients listed or you are pregnant or breast feeding consult your physician prior to taking this supplement.


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