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ZeoOne DYNACOL is a micronised and activated zeolite powder sourced from a very pure and pristine deposit in New Zealand with exceptional characteristics and properties. The product is micronised and activated using the very latest and by far the most advanced patented DYNACOL micronisation technology.

DYNACOL micronisation and activation is a dynamic friction process where zeolite particles are dynamically collided at enormous speeds into smaller zeolite particles. The particle to particle collisions of these zeolite particles produce consistently ultrafine grade zeolite particles compared to conventional micronisation methods. This increases the surface area and reactivity of the product significantly, thus also increasing the efficacy of the product.

Zeolites are renowned to assist with human health via their ability to absorb heavy metals, support immune function, supplement silicon production (via otho-silicic acid), anti-oxidant support and enhance protein adsorption in the gastric system.

Available in 100g and 200g tubs.

What are Zeolites and how do they work? Go to top

Zeolite, also known as clinoptilolite is created when volcanic rock and ash meets water, forming a unique microporous "honey-comb" structure with strong negative charge. It is the zeolites honeycomb structure and strong negative charge that has the ability to electro-magnetically trap and hold positively charged particles such as heavy metals and other toxins, through the process of what is known as Cation Exchange. Once the zeolite comes in contact with these positively charged particles, the zeolite will exchange its nutrients which are locked inside its open-cage structure from when it was formed. These trace minerals include Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, and others in smaller quantities.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.