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Directions For Use Go to top

It is suggested to start very slowly

              Adults:                                                  Children:
1-3 drops per day for 7 days                        1-2 drops per day for 7 days
4-7 drops per day for 7 days                        2-4 drops per day for 7 days
8-10 drops per day for 7 days                      4 drops per day for 7 days
11-20 drops per day                                     5 drops per day

The clinoptilolite in  ZeoZone has high water absorption characteristics. It is therefore important that any formulations using  ZeoZone are accompanied with directions to consume plentiful amounts of water up to 2-3 litres daily.

We recommend that you take Zeolite on an empty stomach, 1-2 hours away from food, minerals, or prescription agents. However, it is best taken in an eight-ounce glass of water and please remember to let it stand for 10-15 minutes before consuming. Make sure to increase water intake during the day .   It is best not to take in coffee, as coffee will dehydrate the body.

What Can Be Expected During the Cleansing Process Go to top

Some symptoms of the cleansing process may occur and depend upon
the metal being mobilized and excreted. Firstly it is important to consume 2-3 litres of clean water per day while detoxification and to start gradually then increase the drops.. This will ease any symptoms like dryness or headaches. Some other interesting points about cleansing. For example, cadmium
is ultimately stored on the surface of the bones. Cadmium
mobilization can cause aching of the long bones similar to flu
symptoms. Lead however, is stored in the medullar portion of the
bones and enters into the long bones through the joints. As lead
is removed through the same region, joint pains or arthritic pains
may arise. These symptoms can last a few days and usually come
and go as mobilization progresses. Over time, this will become
less and less following the elimination. The process can be lessened by stopping
or reducing the specific supplementation for a few days in order
to reduce the discomfort. The process can be stopped
completely by taking lecithin. Lecithin will in effect stop
mobilization of heavy metals from storage and reduce the
discomfort almost immediately. By the way, it is important that
patients undergoing cleansing are not taking lecithin or
other high phosphorous containing products such as
phosphatidyl choline or serine as they may prevent mobilization
of heavy metals.

Quality/Price Assurance

Strict health and safety regulations are enforced in all areas of manufacture for our products.

We use only a GMP approved Laboratory facility.

We only use glass packaging for zeolite products to reduce public fears regarding the possible risks of plastic packaging contamination.

Zeolite Australia .com/Perfect Sense natural Health Solutions only use and recommend    ZeoZone